Tikal: Stela 10

Tikal: Stela 10 [January 4, 1999]

The 19th ruler bears the name of "Curl Head," which was established by Jones for lack of any other reading and has remained in the literature so far. Martin and Grube feel that the Curl Head glyph is a generic title and that the true name of this ruler is Kalomte Balam ("Ruler" Jaguar). Known from both Stelae 10 and 12, this personage's only securely known date is AD 527 which has been taken as the date of dedication for both stelae as well as for his probable date of accession to power. There is a question as to his claim of legitimacy to the Jaguar Claw lineage. He may indeed have been a usurper. Both monuments stood of the North Terrace fronting the Great Plaza and exhibit the very deep relief that had come to be fashionable at this time at Tikal. On Stela 10 the king stands facing the front with head turned to the viewer's left and holds his right hand aloft displaying a now eroded object in the fashion of Stormy Sky's gesture on Stela 31. The text on Stela 10 also refers to a "cutting and chopping" of the seat of title that refers to Calakmul. This may be a definite reference to a skirmish in the growing animosity between the polities of Calakmul and Tikal which took place under this man's rule."

Peter Harrison, The Lords of Tikal, p. 98-99