Tikal: Stela 5

Stela 5 was dedicated in AD 744, and is a portrait of ruler Yik'in Chan K'awil, 27th ruler in the succession of rulers of Tikal.    
"Large portions of the front of the stela are battered and stained. Beneath the encrustations, however, is another sensitive and finely-detailed work of art, from the swirling feathers of the ruler's headdress and backframe to the beautiful glyphs on the sides. Yaxkin Caan Chac [Yik'in Chan K'awil] stands in full profile, his eroded face looking to the viewer's left. A jaguar tail curls down from in front of his earplug over a wide collar of heavy jade beads trimmed with a fringe of feathers. His left hand hangs at his side holding the handle of a pouch...Behind his feet, with their high-backed sandals and elaborate ankle ornaments, lies a belly-down prisoner. The prisoner's feet kick and twist in the air amid the long feathers swirling down from the backframe."

Glyphs on the side of the stela give Yik'in's parentage. "The following decipherment is taken from Jones (1984), identifying the glyphs row by row from the seventh through the twelfth rows:
    Child of mother, Lady Uinal
    of the Serpent Site,
    Twelve Macaw of Caracol?
    Child of father, Ah Cacao [Hasaw Chan K'awil]
    Caan Chac, Four-Katun
    Batab, ruler of Tikal.

Genevieve Michel, THe Rulers of Tikal: A Historical Reconstruction & Field Guide to the Stelae, p. 124

Tikal: Stela 5 [January 4, 1999]