Cache from under West Stairs of Jaguar Claw's Palace

Dedicatory cache found under the west stairs of Great Jaguar Claw's palace

"The text on this pot reads ali t'ab yotot k'ul nal, bolon tz'akabil ahaw Ch'akte-Xok, Wak Kan Ak K'ul Na, Toh-Chak-Ich'ak, Mutul Ahaw, "They say he ascended to his house, the Holy Place, the ninth successor lord of Ch'akte-Xok, Six-Sky-Turtle Holy Building, True-Great-Jaguar-Claw, Mutul Lord." This dedication text identifies the owner of the building as Toh-Chak-Ich'ak. He was the ninth king of Mutul [Tikal] and the man who led Mutul to victory over Waxaktun [Uaxactun], although he died on the day of final victory. His descendants and his vassals greatly honored him by recalling the victory in several texts, by naming at least two later kings after him, and most of all by preserving his palace as the most important lineage shrine in the city."

Linda Schele & Peter Mathews, The Code of Kings, p. 77-8
Tikal Report 25, Part A: The Ceramics of Tikal. The Univ. of Pennsylvania Musuem, 1993. Fig.108

NOTE: The last glyph in the lid inscription (far right, marked "K") is the Tikal emblem glyph, which Schele & Mathews translate at Mutul. The next to last glyph (marked "J") is the owner's name, Toh-Chak-Ich'ak or Great Jaguar Claw.