Tikal, Temple VI

Tikal: Temple of the Inscriptions [January 7, 1998]

Temple VI is quite distinct from the other great temples at Tikal. For example, Temple I and Temple II, built by Yik'in's father, Hasaw Chan K'awil, have a single door and squarish proportions, while this temple has three doors and squat rectangular proportions. Temple VI faces west into a large walled courtyard.

The Mendez Causeways [see map] leads from Temple VI down a long incline past Group G, a palace complex associated with Yik'in, and ends up at Temple IV, perhaps the greatest of Yik'in's architectural achievements. Peter Harrison states: "Yik'in's monumental architectural projects were prodigious, exceeding even his father's work in sheer quantity. The construction of Temple VI on the east and Temple IV on the extreme west of the city created a new, expanded cosmos for the city. Temples VI and IV face each other in the manner of Temples I and II."

Peter Harrison, The Lords of Tikal, p. 161