Tikal, Temple VI

Tikal: Temple of the Inscriptions[January 7, 1998]

"The second from last date on the roof comb of Temple VI is connected to an event which has a particularly relevant reading made by Schele and Grube. The date is 12 February AD 766 and the reading says: "Smoke entered the waybil shrine taken by the 28th king in the succession." Two points are important: smoke entering a shrine describes a ritual found to be associated with death in other contexts, and Yik'in was the 27th ruler in the succession, not the 28th. The 28th ruler was his successor for a brief time and we do not know who he was, perhaps Yik'in's first son...The implication here is that the whole inscription on the roof comb was added by the 28th successor who recorded the life of Yik'in and only alluded to himself in this last phrase which deals with a death ritual connected to Yik'in's burial.

...The mystery of the location of Yik'in's burial remains, but beneath Temple VI is the most favored location. Like Temple I, Temple VI faces west, toward the direction of death and the underworld. Yik'in is known to have emulated his father in many respects, including the formation of a new and spatially expanded cosmos for the city. For these reasons, Temple VI is the better candidate for the location of his burial"

Peter Harrison, The Lords of Tikal, p. 164