Tikal, Temple of  the Inscriptions

The extremely eroded text of the inscription [January 7, 1998

"The back and sides of the roof crest as well as the top molding of the temple are decorated with enormous glyphs, at least 186 of them... This roof crest, instead of carrying masks of gods and similar religious symbols, had a hieroglyphic inscription, but each glyph block is three feet wide and two feet high. The outline of the glyph was carved in stone, but the detail characterizing each was worked in the stucco with which the stone outline was covered, and finally the stucco was painted red. Unfortunately, the passing years, although they were the subject of the text, have dealt unkindly with it; much of the stuccoed detail has gone and the stone below is weathered."

J. Eric S. Thompson, Maya Archaeologist, 1963, p.197