Tikal: Maler's signature

Teoberto Maler's signature [January 7, 1998]

Maler inscribed his name in the plaster of Structure 5D-65, along with the dates of his two visits in 1895 and 1904.

Harrison writes: "...it must be remembered that the whole of this architectural group was heavily overgrown by tall trees. The first story of the palace, however, stood largely intact, and Maler's descriptions of having to build a large fire outside the central doorway to keep roaring jaguars at bay are romantic and intriguing, to say the least. The probability is that what he heard was the roar of the howler monkey, which closely resembles the call of the jaguar. This blood-curdling sound is still heard by visitors to the site today, and the howler monkeys do roar all night."

Peter Harrison, The Lords of Tikal, p.33