Tikal: Great Jaguar Claw's Palace

Tikal: Great Jaguar Claw's Palace [January 6, 2004]

"At the eastern end of the Central Acropolis there is a very special structure that had an extraordinary history. This building is now known as 5D-46, but when it was built around AD 350, or earlier, it was the clan house of the Jaguar Claw family whose name identified a bloodline and dynasty lasting through to the very demise of Tikal.

Built by the king known as Jaguar Claw 1 (Great Jaguar Claw), this building is one of a very few that has been positively identified as a family residence within the Central Acropolis. Further, it is the only Early Classic residence that was not partially demolished and covered by a later structure in central Tikal. This evident reverence for the building extended not only to the dynastic residents of the city, but to its enemies as well, during times of defeat and domination. This building was considered so sacred and so important to the identity of the city that no one dared touch it, other than to make additions and embellishments over time, and certainly, such additions were made."

Peter Harrison, The Lords of Tikal, p. 76-77