Tikal: Maler's Palace

Central Acropolis: Mahler's Palace [January 5, 2004]

Maler's Palace in the foreground and Temple V in the background are most likely the work of the same lord, Yax Ain II, 29th ruler of Tikal, son of Yik'in Chan K'awil and grandson of the great Hasaw Chan K'awil. Yax Ain II also built Twin Pyramid Group Q and Group R. Stela 22 in Complex Q records Yax Ain II's accession data as 25 December AD 768.

Maler's Palace, or Structure 5D-65, gets it name from Teoberto Maler, an early explorer who lived in this structure during two expeditions in 1895 and 1904 and left his signature engraved on a jam in the central dooway.