Tikal: Twin Pyramid complex

Twin Pyramid Complex Q, North Enclosure [January 5, 2004]

"The east complex, the largest of all and lettered Q, occupies a raised platform covering an area of over 5 acres. It is here that the composition of these special groups can best be appreciated, for the monuments have been re-erected, and the east pyramid, south palace, and north enclosure have been largely restored. Stela 2 and Altar 10, discovered in 1956, are within the enclosure and are superb examples of Late Classic Tikal sculpture. They were carved and erected in or A.D. 771. As in so many cases of monuments not destroyed by the Classic Maya, the visitor will note the mutilated face of the sculptured personage on the stela. Even the face on a garter has been intentionally mutilated. One can only guess that this was done by Postclassic people who thought that by doing so they would somehow weaken the lingering power of the stela or of the person depicted on it."

William R. Coe, Tikal: A Handbook of the Ancient Maya Ruins, p. 85