Tikal: Twin Pyramid complex

Twin Pyramid Complex Q, East Pyramid [Jan 5, 2004]

"The twin-pyramid groups seem well suited as stages. Their ceremonies could be big, sumptuous, and involve a large percentage of the total community...I believe there is some reason to suggest that the twin-pyramid groups were built, not only to mark a katun [twenty year ritual period], but to serve as a stage for ceremonies directed toward the god of the katun. There are several approaches to this argument. The groups are suited for public ceremony; the succession of the groups reflects the succession of the katuns; and finally, there are some parallels between the form of the groups and the form of katun-worship in the 16th century Yucatan."

Christopher Jones, The Twin-Pyramid Group Pattern: A Classic Maya Architectural Assemblage at Tikal, Guatemala, 1960, p. 137