Coe, William, Tikal Report no. 14,  figs. 184 & 316. BACK MAP HOME

New U5 panels flanked the stairway of 33-2nd and covered the U4 stair panels from the old 33-3rd. "Utterly differing from those featured by 33-3rd, their focus seems to have been a profiled individual (perhaps holding a crouched animal with pendent element) seated between large, geometric mouth volutes belonging to a grotesque visage, in turn crowned centrally by a human face (remnants of the latter appear on the building platform panels). Little more than U. 5A's masonry under-pinnings existed, for finish stucco was ruined on the occasion of U. 6A remodeling...the U.5 panels terminated above as slightly raised, rectangular parts, their fundamental purpose likely to divert runoff, thus minimizing facial erosion.
William Coe, Tikal Report 14, vol II, p. 512

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