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Coe, William, Tikal Report no. 14,  fig. 166.


Str. 5D-33-2nd is late Early Classic. It replaced 33-3rd, and was itself eventually totally interred beneath 33-1st.

Toward the end of the Late Classic, Tikal was surrounded by enemies. It was defeated in 562 AD by the city of Caracol and entered a period of humiliation and silence which lasted for 150 years. Toward the end of this period, the 25th ruler of Tikal, Shield Skull, worked to revive the power of Tikal. He cultivated diplomatic and possibly military alliances with the city-states of Palenque and Copan, and took captives in battle against the rival Yaxchilan in August of 659. Shield Skull died in battle in AD 672.
Hasaw Chan K'awil, son of Shield Skull and perhaps Tikal's greatest ruler, became 26th ruler in the succession on 3 May 682 and immediately set about renewing the prestige of his city. Many of his initial actions centered around the termination of Temple 5D-33-2nd and the construction of the revolutionary temple 5D-33-1st over it in honor of his father.

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