Quirigua: Zoomorph P

Quirigua: Zoomorph P / Monument 24 [January 8, 2004]

The opposite side of Zoomorph P shows giant claws and possibly a snake body with scales. The "T" shaped inscription and Chac's feet can be seen center left. Regarding the inscription, Robert Sharer writes: "The hieroglyphic text lies within a large T-shaped panel surrounding the feet of the main figure. It begins on the west with the Initial Series date recorded in head-variant numerals. It also includes, like its companions along the south terrace of the Ball Court Plaza, a series of calendrical dates, many with apparent historical implications. There is also a reference to the beginning of the Maya calendar at 4 Ahau 8 Cumhu."

Robert J. Sharer, Quirigua: A Classic Maya Center & Its Sculptures, Carolina Academic Press, 1990, p. 62