Quirigua: Monument 6

Quirigua: South Side, Stela F (Monument 6) [January 8, 2004]

"The twin hieroglyphic texts on the east and west sides of Monument 6 are unique for Quirigua stelae (save Monument 11), in that they do not cover the entire length of the shaft. Rather, the Initial Series date begins beneath the elaborate feathers of Caac Sky's headdress that wraps around both sides of the sculpture. The Initial Series dates are carved with head-variant numerals on both sides instead of the more common bar-and-dot notations. Using this more elaborate notation, the Initial Series date on the east side [shown here] records the dedicatory date of, while that on the west side records the inauguration of Cauac Sky's rule, 12 Caban 5 Kayab 724 A.D."

Robert J. Sharer, Quirigua: A Classic Maya Center & Its Sculptures, Carolina Academic Press, 1990, p. 41