Palenque: Temple of the Foliated Cross

"The left-hand columns of text...record aspects of the Maya creation myth, the births of the First Mother and First Father and their three children, the three gods who were so closely linked to the power wielded by Maya rulers...The birth of the third diety, the god of royal dynasties, Bolon Tza'cab (God K) or GII, is recorded in the Temple of the Foliated Cross text. The Temple of the Cross also records the accession of the First Mother at the young age of 815 (in 2305 B.C.). According to the Temple of the Foliated Cross inscriptions, she then celebrated the end of the second katun of the current world by being the first to let blood, initiating the core ritual offering made by royalty thenceforth.

The right-hand columns of the panel texts record the ceremonies performed to dedicate these beautiful temples, over a period of four days during July, 690 (beginning on The final inscriptions refer to rites Chan Bahlum himself conducted in 692 (, the eighth anniversary of his inauguration as Palenque's ruler."

Robert Sharer, The Ancient Maya, p. 288