Palenque Museum [January 1, 2004]

"The group of the buildings of the Crosses were the scene of intense ceremonial life, a context in which incense burners were of particular importance. The image of the god represented on this piece [left photo] is that of the nocturnal aspect of the sun, so that the deity has the ears of a jaguar, the animal with which the trajectory of this star was identified in the underworld.

The fact that this deity is one of the most frequently represented tells us that his extensive cult had a very special significance as the ruling class' link with the creative deity of the cosmos. Thus, as the sun is born, dies, and is reborn again in repetitive cycles Maya kings succeeded one another without interrupting the continuity and order of the world."

Martha Cuevas García, MAYA [Palazzo Grassi], p. 601

NOTE: The censer on the right represents the day aspect of the sun