Temple of the Foliated Cross

Palenque: Temple of the Foliated Cross [January 1, 2004]

In this panel, Chan-Bahlum is shown presenting Kauil, God GII of the Palenque triad, to the foliated cross depicted on the central panel.

Chan-Bahlum appears as one of the celebrants in each temple in the Cross Group, but he is portrayed at different ages in each temple. George Kubler writes: "The body of the figure in the tablet of the Temple of the Cross is the oldest and heaviest, with a large paunch and a deep facial furrow from nostril to mouth. At the Temple of the Sun the same person appears years younger, and at the Temple of the Foliated Cross, the slender body and uplifted glance suggest the youngest of the three portraits."

Kubler notes that Chan-Bahlum stands upon a three faced skull comprised of a frontal view compounded with two profiles. From the skull, maize leaves are sprouting.

George Kubler, Studies in Ancient American and European Art: The Collected Essays of George Kubler, p. 319