Palenque: Temple of the Cross viewed from the Temple of the Foliated Cross [January 1, 2004]

Each of the temples in the Cross Group is dedicated to a specific god in the Palenque triad, and represents one of the paths to Xibalba [the Otherworld] which the king must take in order to bring back gifts of life and prosperity to his people.

God GI, the first born of the Palenque triad, is associated with the Temple of the Cross. Human in aspect, he is distinguished from his brothers by a shell earflare, a square-eye, and a fish fin on his cheek. He is particularly associated with the imagery of the incense burner in the Early Classic period and as a mask worn by kings during rituals. GI often wears the Quadripartite Monster as his headdress and is associated with the Waterbird.

Linda Schele and David Freidel, A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya, p. 413-14

Many magnificent incense burners have been found in caches in the platform of the Temple of the Cross (use your browser BACK button to return here). They have been restored and are now on display in the site museum.