Palace Pier D [Photo by Tom Canavan: January 1, 2004]

Pier D of House D of the Palace contains a portrait of Pacal the Great. Freidel & Schele state "On one of the piers of House D...a male, presumably Pakal, dances with an ax in one hand and a rearing serpent in the other. A second person, perhaps a woman of the king's family, grasps the lower body of the king's snake, as it rears upward between them. Here, however, the dancers wear the costumes of First Father and First Mother, the deities whose actions enabled the final Creation and the birth of all the gods. We presume these figures represent the king and his consort (or perhaps his mother) performing in the guise of the Creator gods. Surrounded by ch'ulel, 'holiness,' they dance on a platform marked by a sun-cartouche and point toward the role of dance in the story of Creation."

David Freidel, Linda Schele & Joy Parker, Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path, p. 273-4