Palenque: House E of the Palace [January 1, 2004]

In an online article from Dunbarton Oaks, Linda Schele describes the Popol Nah as a place where the councils of nobles and other leaders met. She writes that the Cordemex dictionary of Yucatec Maya equates Nikteil Nah or "flower house"with Popol Nah:

"The most amazing of these flower houses is House E at Palenque. It is the only building within the palace that had no evidence of a roof comb, and, at least in its final version, it had rows of flowers painted in rows on the west façade. Texts and images inside the building belong to the reign of Pakal, Akul Anab III, and Balam K'uk'. These images included the accession of Pakal on the Oval Palace Tablet, and its throne with references to Pakal, Kan Balam, K'an Hok' Chitam, and Akul Anab III."