Palenque: Temple of the Inscriptions [January 1, 2004]

"We will never know what Pakal intended for the six piers of his temple, because his son, Kan-Balam, took this very public location to show the ritual in which he became the heir and proved his divine nature. His artists used the four inner piers to depict ancestors presenting the six-year-old heir from the front of the pyramid. The image confirmed Kan-Balam's divinity by showing the ax of K'awil penetrating his forehead and one of his legs transforming into a serpent. He is both the child heir (the ba ch'ok, or "first sprout," of the lineage) and the embodiment of the divinity personified in K'awil."

The piers of the temple show the presentation of Kan-Balam as heir to the throne by the founder of the lineage (pier b), his mother (pier c), his father (pier d), and his great-great-grandfather and namesake (pier e).

Schele & Mathews, The Code of Kings, p. 99-100.