Pier C showing Kan-Balam's mother, Lady Tz'ak-Ahaw [January 1, 2004]

"The two center figures cannot be identified with certainty, but since they wear the net skirts of First Father and First Mother, we suspect they are the parents of the child, Hanab-Pakal and Lady Tz'ak-Ahaw [shown here]. These figures, then, represent the child's most significant ancestors--his parents, his namesake, the dynasty founder--materialized at the heir-designation so that they could present the child Kan-Balam to the public. These rituals began on June 17, 641, and culminated four days later on the summer solstice."

Schele & Mathews, The Code of Kings, p. 99-100.
Drawing by Linda Schele, © David Schele, courtesy Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc., http://www.famsi.org