Lamanai: Structure N10-9

Lamanai, Str. N10-9

Dec. 30, 1997


Structure N10-9 displays numerous contruction phases. This temple, according to David Pendergast, continued to be renewed through the end of the Classic Period and late into the Postclassic, until at least A.D. 1200—and its use may have continued as late as the fifteenth century. In fact, one of the most remarkable things about Lamanai was its ability to survive and prosper late into the Post Classic, while its neighboring states were suffering decay and decline culminating in final collapse.

This structure displays features typical of Lamanai's distinct architecture—a chambered building set athwart the center stair, with no building at the summit. Pendergast writes that this was the first evidence recovered at Lamanai for what is now recognized as an architectural form characteristic of the site.

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