Lamanai: Stela 9

Lamanai, Stela 9

Dec. 30, 1997 (photo 2 of 5)


"Of interest is the intentional defacement of the left eye of Lord Smoking Shell's portrait on Stela 9, an action which was apparently done in ancient times. Intentional defacement of this kind is known from other sites...[and] may represent a ritual "killing" of the monument (and/or the power of the lord depicted), similar to that reflected in the small "kill holes" frequently found in funerary ceramics and cached vessels. It is probable that the defacement of Stela 9 occurred at the same time as the breaking and moving of the monument."

Dorie Reents-Budet, The Iconography of Lamanai Stela 9, Center for Maya Research, December 1988