Lamanai: Stela 9

Lamanai, Stela 9

Dec. 30, 1997 (photo 1 of 5)


"The designer of Lamanai Stela 9 placed the ceremonial bar diagonally across the body of Lord Smoking Shell so that it rested on his shoulder. This served to free the ruler's left hand to hold an emblematic head -- a zoomorphic form marked by a long inward-turning snout; lidded eye with an infixed Venus sign; a deer antler affixed to its forehead; and a large deer ear, also with an infixed Venus sign. These attributes clearly identify this emblem as the front head of the celestial monster first noted by Spinden (1913:56). An enigmatic glyph surmounts the monster's head, with a main sign that resembles the bar-dot numeral for the number seven."

Dorie Reents-Budet, Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing 20-22 (1988) p. 24