Codz Poop, Western side [June 10, 2004]

"An extraordinary case in Puuc architecture -- that generally maintains a balance between smooth lower walls and decorated panels -- this building is completely covered by sculptures in strong relief of a quality of execution that clearly justifies the name Kabáh (which, according to some authors, in Yucatecan Mayan means the hand that chisels). With the exception of the doorway spans and the exquisite moldings that divide the façade into elongated horizontal bands, the sculpture ornamentation of this building consists of a series -- vertical as well as horizontal -- of masks of the long-nosed god that also appear in the interior of the building where they serve as an access stairway to the rear rooms with their wide and thick noses, which has given the building the common name Codz Poop ( rolled mat), by which it is known."

Paul Gendrop, Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc Styles in Maya Architecture, p. 184