Hormiguero, Str. V

Structure V and its Supporting Platform [January 5, 2003]

"Structure V, a platform supporting a building, is rather well preserved and occupies the southern side of the western half of the Middle Group. The substructure rises about 7 m., with its facing fallen or covered wtih debris, except for portions visible on the south and west. On the south the basal zone of the substructure is approximately 10.50 m. long and over 2 m. high. The masonry is of large blocks laid in even courses. Above this zone is a second, 2.30 m. high, set inward 25 cm. from the face of the first. The facing stones are laid with the same care but are smaller than in the first section...

Access to the building was by a stairway (on the north side of the substructure), now indicated only by the contour of the debris. The building rests on a podium, 90 cm. high. The facing is plain on the south side; the north side (front) is decorated wtih masks of stone and heavy plaster at the two corners, with a plain area, 2.66 m. long, beneath the doorway."

Ruppert & Dennison, Archaeological Reconnaissance in Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Peten, 1943. p. 40.