Ek Balam: Acropolis [June 9, 2004]

The fourth level of the Acropolis, referred to as the "White Temple", contains the tomb of an Ek Balam king named Ukit Kan Le'k Tok'. The stucco-work on its façade is in such astonishingly good condition that it appears to have been completed only yesterday. This is because the temple was covered over with rubble and limestone fill shortly after the burial took place. Thus, we have a rare glimpse of a Mayan building as it actually looked at the time of its completion.

The tomb itself is in the form of a huge Chenes-style monster mouth temple. A lower jaw, lined with teeth, protrudes from the central doorway. The doorway itself represents the upper jaw and is also lined with teeth. The monster's right eye can be seen above the muzzle at the top of the door. A small seated figure sits on the bottom eyelid. The burial itself was in a small chamber immediately behind the monster-mouth doorway.