Edzna: Temple of the Five Stories

Edzna: Temple of the Five Stories [February 16, 1997]

Andrew Coe claims that the campesinos (peasant farmers) of this region of Campeche are probably direct descendants of Edzna's builders, keeping up many ancient traditions, including shamanic practices. Here on a sunny day in the dry season, a Mayan H'men is performing a Chaa Chaac ceremony, imploring the rain god with offerings of food, flowers, music, and prayer. The central altar is covered with food and flowers, his sons play flutes, and later jump down the stairs of the Temple making frog-like sounds. Meanwhile, the clear sunny day turns cloudy, and the passionate supplications are answered with life giving rain.

NOTE: Marion had the priviledge of photographing another h'men performing a quite different ceremony at Kinich Kak Mo in Izamal in 1993 (use your browser's BACK button to return to this page).