Altar Q

Copan: Altar Q South Side [January 9, 2004]

Ruler 14: "Smoke Monkey"
   Accession in (738 A.D.)
   Str. 10L-22A, Popol Nah, dedicated (746 A.D.) (?)
   Died in (749 A.D.)

Ruler 13: Waxaklahum-Ubah-K'awil or "18-Rabbit".
   Accession in (695 A.D.)
   Stela J, dedicated
   Stela C, dedicated
   Stela F, dedicated
   Stela 4, dedicated
   Stela H, dedicated
   Stela A, dedicated
   Stela B, dedicated (731 A.D.)
   Stela D, dedicated
   Temple 22
   Great Ballcourt, dedicated (738 A.D.)
   Captured and sacrificed by Cauac Sky of Quirigua in (738 A.D.)

Ruler 12: "Smoke Imix God K" or "Smoke Jaguar"
Smoke Imix was the longest-lived and, in William Fash's opinion,
perhaps the single most accomplished Copán dynast.

Ruler 11: Butz Chan
   Accession in (578 A.D.)
   Stela P
   Died in (628 A.D.)