Stela C

Copan: Stela C West Side [January 9, 2004]

"Waxaklahun-Ubah-K'awil's features appear to be relatively young, but he wears a long beard, a rare feature among Maya men. We suspect the beard was false, but its meaning is not entirely clear. As he did on the east side, Waxaklahun-Ubah-K'awil wears a skirt with the Wakah-Kan apron. The belt head represents the cruller-eyed Jaguar God who is sometimes the sun and at other times Venus. As we shall see, this Jaguar God played a role in the myth of Copan's patron gods...

In his arms, Waxaklahun-Ubah-K'awil carries a Ceremonial Serpent Bar with turbaned old men emerging from the mouths of the snakes. These little figures, who may represent aged ancestors or gods wearing Copan attire, contrast with the young deities on the east side. They hold severed heads of zoomorphic Maize Gods in their hands."

Linda Schele & Peter Mathews, The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs, p. 145