Edward Thompsons 1904 copy of Edifice 4 painting

Edward Thompson's 1904 copy of painting around a doorway in Edifice 4

Thompson wrote in 1901: "The comparative proximity of Tekax, with its now restless and adventurous population, to Chacmultun, has worked serious havoc to archaeology. Excursions have been organized by adventurous parties who have crossed the long hill-chain on horseback and reached the ruined groups of Chacmultun.

The inevitable result has followed: precious bits of mural painting have been scraped off, and the clean white space thus made upon the wall has been utilized to inscribe visitor's names and mongrel poetry. It is a piece of great good fortune that last season (1900) we copied all the most important parts, including the portions now erased. The work this year (1901) is to study and copy all hidded and obscure paintings that can possibly be made out."

(Thompson, Researches in Yucatan: 10)
Reference & image courtesy of J.Storniolo.