Edward Thompson's 1899 drawing of the murals in room 10...

Chacmultun: Thompsons 1899 drawing of the murals

...drawing, continued

Chacmultun: Thompson's 1899 drawing of the murals

Cabalpak Group: Building V [February 16, 1997]

The caretaker at Chacmultún very kindly showed us this copy of Thompson's 1899 drawing and allowed me to photograph it in natural light. The INAH brochure for the site describes the murals as follows:

"All of its vaults were painted inside and out in various colors, with emphasis on red and blue. The surviving mural painting in one room depicts scenes with chieftains placed on low horizontal strips which run along the upper third of one wall. They are all walking barefooted and their clothing is limited to loin cloths and several kinds of headdresses, plus adornments such as noseplugs, earplugs, necklaces, and breastplates. In their hands they grasp lances, lance throwers, trumpets, parasols, feather adornments, and other, unidentifiable objects. Other elements placed at both ends of the painting appear to be thatched roof buildings."

Chacmultun, Yucatan, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, 1991