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Structure II

Ruppert & Denison 1943: Fig. 2


"The plan of the building (fig. 2) included at least 12 rooms, with Rooms 1 and 2 as anterior projections. The area bounded by Room 4 on the north, Room 6 on the east [underneath which an important tomb was later discovered], and Room 9 on the south, seems from lack of debris to have been an open court...Also a small piece of stucco ornamentation, of the sort commonly used on exteriors of buildings, was found along the east side of the court. Portions of a west wall suggest that the court was enclosed on four sides. A doorway in this west wall could not have been more than 2.80 m. wide."

Ruppert & Denison 1943:14

south_facade room2 room6 room3 room1