Structure II

Structure II Showing II-B and II-A [February 18, 1997. Photo courtesy of Jeff Purcel]

When standing in the Plaza, it is hard to believe that only the smaller portion of this pyramid (II-B), built upon one of the terraces of a larger structure, is visible. The taller structure in back (II-A) is totally obscured from view. This photo was taken from atop Str. XIII, a major palace complex to the northwest of Structure II.

Robert Sharer writes, "Str. II, the largest architectural feature at Calakmul, rests on a massive basal platform bearing a series of Classic monuments along its northern face. This platform supports a triadic pyramid that recalls the Preclassic temple architecture of El Mirador and other sites. As Folan has suggested, this arrangement may indicate that Calakmul, too, was an important Preclassic center, one that, unlike its great neighbor to the south, survived the upheavals at the outset of the Classic period and continued on to become a major power."

Robert Sharer, The Ancient Maya, 1994: p. 197-8

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