Room 3 of Structure III

Structure III Structure III

Feb. 18, 1997


"Debris from the fallen vault and south wall has so filled the doorway that only the upper portion is exposed...Names and dates have been scratched in the plaster north of the doorway. There are also some incised zigzag lines and rectangles north of the doorway which, because they extend below the debris, may be ancient. A doorway in the north wall...jamb appears the date "Dic 31 de 1931," the name "Guillermo Argaes," and the somewhat indistinct wording "Oeas el guillo." This may be an illiterate form of Oyes el gallo or Oigas el gallo and refer to a story told by the workmen about chicleros who visited Calakmul and heard the crowing of a bird and thought the sounds came from Central Buenfil [their base camp].
    The masonry is similar to that in Room 2. A great deal of plaster, bearing traces of red paint, remains on the exposed north and west walls, and in the northeast corner, directly below the spring line.
    The vault rises 2.20 m. and is stepped (fig. 9a)...The stones of the first course of the vault are large, their face having an average height of 32 cm., and some appear to be beveled. The subsequent courses are of long, flat slabs; the capstones are similar in shape and have a span of 23 cm."

Ruppert & Denison 1943:17