Room 1 of Structure III

Structure III

Feb. 18, 1997


"Room 1 has a width of 3.05 m. and a probable length of 5.25 m. The west and south walls have fallen; those to the north and east are standing. There are two doorways in the east wall: Doorway 1, to the north, has a width of 65 cm. and rises to within 1.08 of the spring of the vault. The lintel is of stone, and two rectangular designs have been cut in its west face.

Doorway 2, leading into Room 4, is indicated only by the north jamb. No lintel remains in position nor was one identified in the debris...A cross, 30 cm. high and 15 cm. wide, has been carved in one of the stones of the east wall, 78 cm. from the north end of the chamber. The carving was done at some early time, for it is now covered with lichens.

There is a single doorway, 65 cm. wide, in the north wall. The east jamb is in line with the east wall of the chamber and its component stones have been chipped away to allow for a diagonal opening into Room 2.

The section of the vault soffit above the east wall of Room 1 rises to a height of 1.10 m. and is stepped....There are two beam holes in the east vault soffit at the spring line; the one on the north still contains a portion of a beam."

Ruppert & Denison 1943:15

NOTE: The cross on the north wall mentioned by Ruppert & Denison can be seen in this photo to the left of the left-most door.