Structure II

Structure II [February 18, 1997]

"The presence of pre-Classic ceramics in unsullied deposits at an open tunnel in this building shows that its fill corresponds to that of a substructure of the late pre-Classic era. Its sequence of construction preserves at least three substructures and four architectural phases: the first two, associated with ceramics in sealed contents; the second phase corresponds to the early Classic (250-600 A.D.) era...

During the early Classic (250-600 A.D.) era the structures of the formative period were modernized or modified, in some cases, and in other, partially demolished to construct new buildings...In that period, probably in front of Structure II, Stela 114 was erected, which bears the date of Long Count (431 A.D.) (Marcus and Folan, 1994)."

Ramon Caqrrasco, Calakmul: The Archaeology of a "Superpower." The Stevenson Press, Inc.