Stela 34 at the foot of Structure V in the grip of a strangler fig

Structure V

Feb. 18, 1997


Reports of the First Campeche Expedition of the Carnegie Institution, the expedition that S. G. Morley organized to visit Calakmul in 1932, was included in Ruppert & Denison's "Archaeological Reconnaissance in Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Peten". Ruppert writes that Morley kindly turned over all his notes on the epigraphy of the site to Denison, who included it in his report.

Regarding the discouraging state of stela 34, Morley wrote: "Probably had been carved on all four sides, though the front and back are too far gone to show details. Sides too far gone to decipher anything."

Ruppert & Denison 1943:13, 107

Though mute, this stela powerfully evokes melancholy images of lost worlds and forgotten civilizations.