Bonampak: Structure 1, Room 2 [January 2, 2004]

"Room 2 is filled with one of the true masterpieces of Maya art, a vivid and dynamic battle scene that covers the walls and vaults of all but the north side of the room. The confusion and horror of hand-to-hand combat is brilliantly depicted, although the scene has suffered damage that obscures many of the details. Spears are thrust and thrown, one penetrates the forehead of a warrior, prisoners are pulled down by their hair, and pairs of victors combine to overwhelm single enemy warriors. At the focus of the scene stands the war leader, standing full front and grasping a captive by the hair while holding in his other hand a thrusting spear decorated by a jaguar pelt (south wall, upper register). This figure, identified as Chan Muan, is accompanied by another elite warrior who may be an allied ruler (possible Shield Jaguar II from Yaxchilan?); both wear jaguar tunics and elaborate headdresses, and each is protected by an entourage of elite warriors."

Robert Sharer, The Ancient Maya, p. 255