Bonampak: Structure 1, Room 1 [January 2, 2004]

"In the first scene, upper register, of Room I Bonampak, a small child is presented to a court of ahaus on, or December 14, A.D. 790. From a chamber in a multi-galleried palace, King Chaan-muan, attended by his wife and some children, directs the proceedings while portly ahaus in white robes give their sanction to the child, ensuring his status as a legitimate member of the lineage. This scene is underscored by the text and framed by the parasols that reach from the lower register."

Schele & Miller, The Blood of Kings: Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art, p. 148

NOTE: The small turquise rectangles above each of the participating dignitaries served as a name tag where titles and names could be inscribed.