Becan: Structure 1

Structure I: Río Bec version of Twin Pyramid Complex? [February 20, 1997]

"Rooms at Str. I are all at the south side away from the plaza, arranged in an upper and lower double rows. The upper group of ten rooms is clearly visible above the debris and is notable in that its outer row has wide openings to the exterior with intermediate rectangular piers, a style of opening not seen elsewhere at Becan or Chicanna. The inner rooms were probably entered through more typical single doorways..."

(Potter, p. 46)

Ruppert's building diagram from 1943

Becan: Structure I building plan

(Ruppert 1943:fig. 67a)

Ruppert wrote in 1943: "Structure I, on the south side of the quadrangle, consists of two levels of two parallel ranges of chambers, the second level rising above and north of the roof of the first, plus a solid masonry mass carrying two masonry towers which rise behind the second level (fig. 67). In front (south) of the lower range of chambers is a large platform approximately 1 m. high. At the eastern end of a definite offset in the south line of the platform are four small piles of unworked, weathered stones.

Behind (north of) the upper level of rooms and resting on the east terrace is a great mass of apparently sold masonry. Rising from either end of this is a tower. Since the towers were probably similar, and the one to the west is the better preserved, it alone will be described. Much of its facing has fallen; however, remaining sections show it to have risen in four zones with rounded corners composed of small brick-like blocks...Each zone carries a plain moulding at the base and top.

An examination of the top of the towers showed four rows of four depressions each. As they are all shallow and filled with vegetation little may be said as to their purpose. It is possible that the depressions are from the collapse of material above large vertical shafts, which were built in the towers to reduce the amount of fill material and consequently decrease the weight of the masonry mass."

(Ruppert 1943:p. 56)