Becan: Residential Courtyard

Courtyard atop Structure IV: Photo courtesy of Jeff Purcell [February 20, 1997]

Northwest corner of courtyard atop Str. IV. Narrow stairways on the northwest and northeast corners of the courtyard lead down to rooms on level 3. Potter states: "Whatever its purpose, its planners seemed to have intended a differentiation of activity between the upper levels (three and four) accessible only by way of the monumental south and smaller west stairways, and the two lower levels on the north side.

The top level consists of spacious quarters arranged around a well- proportioned open courtyard; the second level has rooms that are scarcely less impressive opening out onto a magnificantly decorated terrace. The monumental stairway on the south side would have provided a fitting approach to the quarters above and isolated them effectively from the presumed turmoil of the plaza below.

(Potter, p. 45)