Becan: Drawing of courtyard atop Structure IV

The open courtyard atop structure IV. Click on red arrows to view photos [Ruppert & Denison, 1943: Fig. 68]

This diagram of the courtyard atop structure IV dates from the 1930s. For a more modern schematic, see David F. Potter's wonderful overlay & cutaway drawings of structure IV.

The residential complex which occupied the upper two levels of this building was only accessible from the southeastern plaza, either via the monumental stairway on the south side facing the plaza or by a small interior stairway which presumably emerged somewhere on the west side of the building (the private stair is represented in the lower left of the diagram and looks rather like a crinkly hose). Both stairways terminated on the top floor, where access to the third level was accomplished by narrow steep stairways in the northeast and northwest corners of the courtyard.