Maya King

Balakmu Frieze: Mayan Ruler [January 4, 2003]

This is the ruler on the east side of the frieze who represents the ascending Sun. The figure is facing front with legs crossed and with arms and hands on the chest. Kelly writes: "Above the head of the figure on the right is a face that forms the headdress, and the head of the figure itself wears earplugs. Below the chin are the eyes and part of the nose of another face, and yet another is found on the figure's abdomen."

Joyce Kelly, An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, 1993: p. 244

Similar iconography is found across the entire Maya region in the Early Classic period. For example, the masks at Kohunlich display almost identical jaguar masks under the chin and a bird mask headress, and the newly discovered stucco at Becan shows similar elements.